Quahog Pearls

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Quahog pearls are found on the Eastern shore of North America, stretching from Northern Rhode Island to Southern Florida. Commercially harvested for over 100 years, they continue to be a staple of the Eastern seafood market. Baked clams, steamers and chowder are local favorites no matter where you go.

Quahog pearls, like all natural wild pearls, are very rare. Exact estimates of their rarity are impossible but a relative estimate of 5,000 clams before finding a pearl is commonly cited. A deep indentation along the edge of a quahog shell can be a tell-tale sign of treasure, as these shells often possess a pearl. Pearls range in color from white and beige to dark purple and lilac, the latter being most sought-after.

Although quahogs are still commercially harvested, their pearls have become extremely rare. Most all cleaning and shucking are done mechanically and any possible pearls are either lost or destroyed. If you have a quahog pearl, enjoy it, for it is a true natural treasure. If you would like a quahog pearl, let us know and we will find the perfect pearl for you.

Kojima Pearl Company | ABC News – man find pearl while eating qualog

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